Stopped Using this site…

I’ve stopped using this site for now.
You can find my latest stuff here:

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The bezier system I’ve developed for the Garage Prototype

This is a shot demonstration of the quadratic bezier  system I’ve developed for the garage prototype. It enables me to switch from one camera position to another gradually (even if the cam movement is interrupted and it has to calculate another path for a different position).
It can also be used for projectile path finding (you tag a target and shoot a rocket in the air.The rockets finds the target, adjusting to its position in real time).
Here is the video:

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Some Game prototypes I’ve been working on lately

Zero G prototype (you might want to lower the volume of your speakers):

Boat prototype:

Helicopter prototype:

The hoover prototype:

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Unity Garage Demo

My latest project started as a point based Bazier script for Unity, but I ended up experimenting with different effects.
This is built on the Unity Free version. Although it might look like it has some of the features from the Pro version, I can assure you, it’s all smart cheats of making things look awesome.
Some screenshots:


You can download the PC version here:!bZVVSCgD!XBeqalNgNA84pz7lOt6rqT5jIs1GJ8sDQWIrxC4fAcY
or play it in your browser here:

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Paper craft – Iron man: War Machine

When I start making AAA games I’ll end up with meshes of awesome characters and I wanted to make sure that I’ll be able to translate my characters to the real world, so I did this paper craft experiment.
It took me:
2 days of my life
1 glue stick
3 sheets of paper
1 scalpel
The result was not spectacular, but it’s still nice and I’m proud I actually finished it. The next time I’ll do it again it would be for one of my characters, because it takes a lot of time, and that’s just 1/4 of the actual project. I’m happy with just a bust and won’t even print the hands for war machine, it simply takes too much time I would have been used more productive.
Here is the source of the model:
And here is the gallery with the results:

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Experiments with Unity mechanim

Some experiments with Unity 4 and Mechanim…
It’s an awesome feature!
They are mostly camera mount experiments:

Some robo dance:

Some more running:

You can find the 3d model here:

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Some of my latest projects for the uni

These are all projects from uni, so they are not as refined and polished as I’d like to, but still…it was an exciting year.

Let’s start with the project I really had fun doing. It’s an openGL image processing program, done with C++, opengl and a library for the UI called anttweakbar. It’s lagging a bit because of fraps:

This one is for an openGl assignment for graphics. It’s an interactive 2d new year card. Done in glut (because apperantly a 21 century university still uses that…)

This one is a corona game. It’s done for the mobile development unit. It’s a group project so I haven’t done some of it.
It’s programmed in LUA:

This one is a facebook “game” with save/load features, as well as facebook login. It’s also a group project:

This one was an assignment to port the corona game menu to Adobe AIR (flash and actionscript 3.0) as well as Unity (I used JavaScript, because I’m sick of C#). It’s not a group project and I added new features to the menu:

This one was a C# elevator. It had a feature to save/load data from a database:

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Indiana Spongebot

My latest creation…

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Alien hand and the teddy bear

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“Tattooed Tribal Doll” Project

One week ago I initiated this project and now it’s ready.

I used a drawing doll for 1.5 pounds and 2-3 thin markers for 0.5 pounds each. Feel free to copycat.

See the first wooden doll in the world tattooed with tribal tattoos:

Now, would you kindly click the like button on the right side of your screen ?

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