Week 1-CREATIVITY-Photoshop Tutorials

I won’t capture photoshop tutorials for you. The internet is filled with them. Tomorrow we will practice some of the learned things from the tutorials.

If you don’t have experience with Photoshop, great start is to look this tutorials:

  1. Introduction to Digital Images (1.4Mb)
  2. Photoshop Basic Training (1.6Mb)
  3. Painting and Drawing (1.6Mb)
  4. Colours & Saving (3.4Mb)
  5. Selection (3.9Mb)
  6. Layers (2Mb)
  7. Image Adjustments (865kb)
  8. Touching Up (975kb)
  9. Text and Guides (1.15Mb)Exercise Files (1.6Mb)

This great site is the source of this tutorials. Don’t forget to see it later!

If you have experience with photoshop, it’s good idea just to pass the tutorials and see if anything will catch your eye.

Tomorrow we will practice some of the things learned today.

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