Week 1-CREATIVITY-Practice-assignment 1-Make a header for your site

Make a header for your site:

-Create new document using RGB Color Mode, 960 by 160 pixels.

-For the background use the mountains in photo IMG_0783 or better use your own.

-Make the photo fade out over the bottom half (use the color your site is).

-Add a text that consists of yours site name.  Chose a suitable color, size and font. Add a shadow to your text.

Cut your face(or something suitable) from different picture. I used 881062tuo5c0sk.jpg.  Add it to the header and change its size if needed. Add some soft edge. Make the text appear just in front your picture.

It must look close to this:

-Mountains: IMG_0783
-Girl: 881062tuo5c0sk


In order to use this beautiful photo (the lady, not the mountains) I have to give a link to the photographers portfolio:

Thats all for now. Later I will upload a video how I’ve done it.

We will start making harder stuff gradually. There are people with no experience using Photoshop, so if this is too easy for you, soon there will be a harder challenge.


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