Weeks 3-4-CREATIVITY-Corona and Photoshop

This week we were introduced to new software called Corona. Some games developers use it to make games for mobile phones and tablets. We didn’t programmed in Corona, just used the existing games changing the picture with our owns. The idea is to practice our Photoshop skills.

I know 5 games that you can practice with, but I’m sure that on the Internet there are hundreds more.
The games are in this site:
At the bottom inside the Sample Code “tab”.

The games you may start modifying are:

Ansca: Ghosts and Monsters (Angry Birds Clone) ****

Martian Control Sample Code (Flight Control Clone) ***

Ansca: Air Hockey **

Ansca: Samurai Fruit (Fruit Ninja Clone) **

Ansca: Flight Path (Flight Control clone) *

“*” -How much time you will need.

I won’t make tutorial how to modify the images inside the game folder. If you don’t know how I suggest you see:

How to open the games? I will upload video tutrials about this.

Before doing so, download Corona from and make a trial account, or buy the software if you want, because you will need it to open the games.

Video tutorial:

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