“Redemption Blue” Project is READY

Today I finished the “Redemption Blue” project. It’s made especially for the University of Bedfordshire CGI society challenge 1. Here I will describe my workflow.

It all started 26.01.2012, when I attended to the second meeting of the CGI society.  The chairman gave us a challange. Here are the rules:

As you can see, I was allowed to use only primitive objects, no poly, no boolean.
While I was listening the briefing I chose to model a spaceship. When I got home I started searching for reference pictures and I found this:

I liked it, It was great looking design and  I was confidant that I can reproduce it with only primitives.  The ship “Redemption Blue” is not my design, I modeled it, looking from the pictures in the linked site. I wanted to show that even a newbie, knowing only how to use primitives, can make this model. My model is a replica of the model from this site (improved replica made out of primitives).

So I started modeling. After one night without sleep I finished the modeling part of the project.
The final model is made of 966 objects.

Then I gave myself a break and I only added some finishing touches from time to time and experimented with textures.
I finaly chose not to Unwrap and add textures, since build in mental ray materials looked good enought.

Last night I chose 3 metalic materials and made 1 glowing. Then I copied the glowing one and created 2 more, just by changing the colour. Then it took me a lot of time to ungroup and group the objects properly, so that I can appliy the materials easily.

After finishing this part (today at 4.30 am) I started rendering. I adjusted most of the things to high, the resolution to 3840*2160 and waited. Waited more than 40 minutes and then I realized I forgot to adjust the glowing quality to max, that’s why the high rez pic has no glowing.

The thing that inspired me most to do this project is one song:

This project was made to become a short (45 seconds) clip, but due to the lack of render farm in my yard 🙂 it wont happend soon.

Turn on the music and enjoy my work !

Lets start with the clay scenes (they want them for the challange):

Here are the final things:

The High Rez pic without glow:

Some low rez pics with the glow:

I also did some experiments with DOF (depth of field) :

That’s all for now.

I will take a break (3-4-5 days).

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