“Tattooed Tribal Doll” Project

One week ago I initiated this project and now it’s ready.

I used a drawing doll for 1.5 pounds and 2-3 thin markers for 0.5 pounds each. Feel free to copycat.

See the first wooden doll in the world tattooed with tribal tattoos:

Now, would you kindly click the like button on the right side of your screen ?

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Project “Asima”- The modelling is rdy

The nest stage would be rigging…

Also last week I did this drawing using charcoal sticks:

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Some Mass Effect fan “art”…2….

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A clock

This is for one of my assignment. We must do a dull clock that does nothing, but show the time. Usually that’s what clocks does. Not this time. My clock spawns enemies according to the position of the arrows and you must destroy them with your laser, before they reach you 🙂

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Some Mass Effect fan “art”…

Last night suddenly I wanted to draw…

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