“Tattooed Tribal Doll” Project

One week ago I initiated this project and now it’s ready.

I used a drawing doll for 1.5 pounds and 2-3 thin markers for 0.5 pounds each. Feel free to copycat.

See the first wooden doll in the world tattooed with tribal tattoos:

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My first HDR photo

Today I found some time to research for the HDR photography ( I use one HDR pic in 3Ds max for reflections and really liked it) and the results are apparent…

Next time I would use less exposures, I think 8 would be enought.

I may also go outside in the park one morning and do some tests there, probably it would look even better with natural light.


Today I did one more, but this time I used only 5 photos. I guess it doesn’t really matter so much.

Although I am not happy with the clouds it is an interesting result…

And one more:

This one is DOF and HDR at the same time ­čÖé

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Some close up pics I’ve done.

I just realized I haven’t uploaded my best shots….

-Medion AG MD86118 (for around 50 euros) /the pics with my name on them/
Samsung PL20 (for around 60 pounds) 

I just want to prove that you don’t need a very expensive camera to make a decet shot, you just need to take a little initiative and be┬ástubborn.

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