Some of my latest projects for the uni

These are all projects from uni, so they are not as refined and polished as I’d like to, but still…it was an exciting year.

Let’s start with the project I really had fun doing. It’s an openGL image processing program, done with C++, opengl and a library for the UI called¬†anttweakbar. It’s lagging a bit because of fraps:

This one is for an openGl assignment for graphics. It’s an interactive 2d new year card. Done in glut (because apperantly a 21 century university still uses that…)

This one is a corona game. It’s done for the mobile development unit. It’s a group project so I haven’t done some of it.
It’s programmed in LUA:

This one is a facebook “game” with save/load features, as well as facebook login. It’s also a group project:

This one was an assignment to port the corona game menu to Adobe AIR (flash and actionscript 3.0) as well as Unity (I used JavaScript, because I’m sick of C#). It’s not a group project and I added new features to the menu:

This one was a C# elevator. It had a feature to save/load data from a database:

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Free textures pack 1

A new initiative. Every month (or week, I don’t know how often yet) I will be uploading 9 new textures. They are absolutely free, you can use them if you want. I don’t care even if you use them for commercial purpose. There is just one rule, if you use them and have a site, a blog, twitter or facebook account, add a link to them!

That’s it, here are this months textures:

I shot them today and did some small adjustments. You may need to adjust them for your needs, as they are not pattern textures.

Later I may create tutorials about creating textures and adjusting them for your needs. That’s all for now.

Don’t forget to subscribe in facebook:¬†

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